The story – a hotel with history

My name is Mirela and I wish you will feel at home here at Do Stil Boutique Hotel. No, it’s not the formal,the common formula! As you will see, I say welcome in a house whose history can be subject of a movie about the joy of hospitality that was lost and later found.
The building was constructed in 1947 by my husband’s, Doru, uncle and aunt. Ioan and Persida Dragan were, before the communist regime, textile merchants. In1952 the house was confiscated, nationalized, by the communist regime and the owners had to leave their house in only a few hours. They received no compensation and were moved into one room where they lived until retirement. The House was then occupied by Soviet Army officers. In the first week, one of them brought his horse and “checked” him in the living room…
After their withdrawal in 1957, the Soviets place was taken by Romanian officers. Years passed and uncle died before 1989, the year of democratic change in Romania, so we decided to take our aunt under the family care. Nobody thought that the day will come when the Romanian State will be obliged to return what was stolen from the owners.
In 1992, we began the legal procedures in court so that we could restore the ownership of the house. This lasted ten years. Once justice was made, aunt Persida liked the idea of turning the house into a hotel. In fact, a hotel-house where guests will find out and never forget what happened here. Unfortunately, she did not live to see the hotel as it is now, but I know that she would have been extremely happy to see it and that she would have been the most welcoming host in the world.
Because she knew better than anyone what the joy of being at home means!
Do Stil Boutique Hotel, located near the center of Timişoara, is now a four-level hotel-house with a unique personality:
The Destiny Found , The History , The Refinement , The Confort and The Hospitality of this place will for sure accompany you throughout the city.
In the creation of this distinct personality we used Murano Glass lamps, bamboo floors, Veto Fredo sinks, solid wood furniture and artwork signed by artist Doina Mihăilescu